Friday, 15 March 2013

the end of wanderlust

i can feel my initial excitement over having a blog waning a bit... this is dangerous; i hate when my enthusiasm dims because it leads to me forever abandoning something or leaving behind something for so long that i'll always feel trepidation at the thought of picking it back up again. 

instead of wailing more though, i'm pushing through this blog-block of madness.

i've multiple reasons to be giddy with anticipation, but it mostly revolves around my trip to 東京 on Sunday!! i hope the intensive 日本語 lessons i've been taking these past few weeks will not fail me when i get there...! regardless, my potent wanderlust is about to be sated, and the excitement is taking form in my sartorial choices.

i like romanticizing the idea of travel, even if it is really rather troublesome in reality. the best way to grow as a person is to experience as much of what the world has to offer as possible. for me, 東京 is like an ocean of newness. it is a constant surprise that requires intensive navigation and on-foot adventuring. which, luckily for me, is my favourite way to explore and get to know a city. 

to project said adventuring and navigating, apparently my style-ey senses equated it to seafaring and nautical themes! which is rather ironic, because i've only ever been a boat twice in my life and don't trust myself to go on one by myself ever.

bonus: an Instagram moodboard! (of sorts!)
/link to my account is right there c: >>

across the South China Sea: Hawkings McGill men's shirt // Louis Vuitton tote // JW Anderson x TOPSHOP denim // Church's linen slippers

whales! seafaring! (pre-Thom Browne & Jil Sander whales, too!)

~Instagram Intermission~

have a great weekend!

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