Thursday, 18 April 2013

mother father GENTLEMAN

I interrupt normal blogging broadcasting for this important message

i think i'm a bit late to the boat, but i just watched PSY's latest viral hit yesterday and i'm completely unashamed to say that i'm rather obsessed with it!! i'm not a K-Pop fan by any stretch, but there's an unspeakable greatness i associate with PSY. 

it's probably the stupidly sharp and over-the-top styling i've come to associate with K-Pop as a whole, combined with just wanting to make his viewers laugh... and dance! as far as pop music goes, i don't think there's anything much better. a sense of humour is so refreshing in a genre that i think takes itself a bit too seriously!

GENTLEMAN : Henry Holland x LeSpec sunglass // Comme des Garçons x H&M shirt // LIMIfeu waistcoat // Triple5Soul sarrouel pants // Céline shoes

Gangnam Style: am i doing it right? 

i realized that PSY wore the same sunglasses in the MV, which was the basis for the entire look. i debated detaching the frilly lace bit off the waistcoat, but it lends a femininity that i think was necessary. still, i was leaning towards mother father GENTLEMAN!!✧ 

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