Tuesday, 7 May 2013


how do i begin to describe the pure, undiluted, girl-driven fashion fest that was 「TOKYO RUNWAY」。。。?

it was made by girls, for girls. completely and brilliantly unapologetically so. 

the event was held in yoyogi stadium on the 20th of march that ran for the whole day. it is open to the public, but tickets often sell out quickly online. i'm likely to keep reiterating this, but this was FASHION FOR THE PEOPLE in its purest, pastel-coloured, candy-flavoured self. mothers were there with their daughters, there were groups of friends, couples, business partners - all were present and accounted for.

attendees were greeted with goodie bags from the various sponsors of the event, and additionally lured in with celebrities, idols and music acts. 

idol worship: Yumemi Nemu 「夢眠ねむ」 &  Mogami Moga「最上もが

models as celebrities: ViVi model Lena Fujii

the runway shows, which were speedy, hefty, heady in their execution, the models are celebrities in their own right within this realm; they wink and smile and wave, all while perfectly coiffed - not a single hair or lash out of place. 

the brands that showed wholly embodied aesthetic singularity as a brand strength. the cuter brands dripped with saccharine sweetness and the edgier ones with airy, trendy confidence. as the brands were the point of the entire display, the clothes were almost like costumes as the models cast for each brand showing took centre-stage. each niche was clear and the audience responded appropriately. guest models from China and Thailand were also on the roster. their look and feel were so similar to the local girls' that the shared aesthetic allowed for a seamless, cohesive show.

"Once you have reached your audience in Japan, you don't need anyone else."

"Don't feel sorry for their lack of international presence, the girls and designers can live off the love they get from those at home!"

it still rings true; the devotion and excitement in the air in the stadium was positively intoxicating. 

カワイイ!!: きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅにんじゃりばんばん♡ 

the performance by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (above) was an incredible, highly memorable delight! the カワイイ「kawaii」-championing brainchild of Yasutaka Nakata 「中田ヤスタカ」 (star producer, DJ & musician, famously half of electropop duo CAPSULE) and Sebastian Masuda of 6%dokidoki, has brought it upon herself to bring kawaii to the world as her world tour (100%KPP World Tour 2013) wraps up in Singapore this coming weekend.

KPP was not the only idol present at the event. an exclusive collaboration between a select few girls' brands and Minnie Mouse herself that was produced entirely for TOKYO RUNWAY was unveiled later in the day. 

i think it is also worth noting how seriously i feel that these consumers take their escapism. i was entirely sucked into the moment too, as Disney has always been and i think always will be, a weak spot for me. i loved every minute and felt completely carefree, as i tend to whenever one of my "outside interests" mingles and flirts with fashion, which i consider to be my more serious endeavour.


if there's anything i took away from this event, it is that fashion means different things to different people. 

yes, it can be vapid, superficial, even severely damaging at its worst... but if TOKYO RUNWAY was anything to go by, it can be and still is a form of entertainment, of enjoyment and sheer escapism at its most expert. it was about different people coming together to celebrate fashion at its most basic level, at mass level. and there certainly isn't anything wrong with that.

TOKYO RUNWAYはちょー楽しかったんです。いろいろなモデルと、セレブと見ました。TOKYO RUNWAYのブランドはギャルのですが、かわいいとシンプルだけです。全文のゲストはめっちゃめっちゃオシャレですよ!!いろいろのスタイルを見ったんだも。嬉しかったですよ、ほんとうに。。。

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