Thursday, 28 February 2013

lover of the light☆

sometimes, a Disney movie is better than Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer. 

sometimes, dressing is an instinctual, organic process rather than being inspired by a specific muse/mood or heavier thoughts or ideas. 

what i mean is, i am rather... indulgent with the choices i make, sartorial or otherwise. i am both fickle and devoted with things i like love. when i grow obsessed with something, that's all that my mind will care to focus on and yet at the same time, somewhere in the background, i grow fond of its very opposite. 

i'm sure i'm not alone in this... right, fellow creatures who love too many things/too much at once?

i like examining why my brain works the way it does, because... because. my mind wanderings have led me to two things: 

this song is beautiful, this video is beautiful, Idris Elba is beautiful, everything is beautiful

and this essay by Junichiro Tanizaki i read for an art project back in secondary school, entitled "In Praise of Shadows". 

the essay was written in Japanese in 1933 before being translated into English in 1977. it discusses the differences between Western and Eastern aesthetics in pensive, highly visual anecdotes. Mr. Tanizaki's words continue to ring true to me and heavily inform both my wardrobe choices and my design work. 

sheen of antiquity: Topshop t-shirt // Y's by Yohji Yamamoto suspender trouseers // Y's x George Cox creepers
look #3 from "Ephemeral"
look #6 from "Wandering Souls"
at the end of everything, i like extremities and jump from one to the other or once in a while, simply settle down in the middle quite happily. you see, my life is rather unexciting, so i often feel like i have to project my excess energy into my aesthetic pursuits. 

don't you feel like that sometimes, too?

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