Wednesday, 13 February 2013

serpent rising

all the luck, please.

chinese new year just happened this past weekend; a belated 恭喜发财 to you, my dear reader! i wish you the best of luck and prosperity for this year of the snake (my year, woo!). 

the holiday hullabaloo have been an extremely welcome reprieve from the excruciating agony that is job-hunting. which, i admit, i've been doing half-heartedly since leaving my post at a publication that i was really enthused about. due to immigration-related complications, i've been unable to continue there and it's been more than a little disheartening. i'm still picking up the pieces of what feels like an epic disaster of a misstep on the journey to adulthood thing. 

but enough doom and gloom!

chinese new year is really ceremonious in my family. we usually go all out with the decorations, the food, the socializing, the visits, the food, the new clothes, the food... it's almost like thanksgiving just because of all the food. 

mee sua is for longevity and good health and stuff. also it's my favourite. 

feasting is a highlight of the celebrations, but for me, inevitably, it's always about being able to wear ALL the new clothes! this year, the new wardrobe mostly consists of JW Anderson x TOPSHOP delights with some random Club 21 goodies scored from the Bazaar last year. 

after much begging and bartering, however, the show-stopper is my 草間 彌生 x LOUIS VUITTON polka dot Lockit handbag. words cannot justly describe how much i emote and wax poetic about this one seemingly superficial addition to my wardrobe... and i don't want to try. i'll only say that Yayoi-san is a personal hero whose work i've greatly admired for years now and i want so much to be like her.

also, we're birthday twins (22/03). there's that. which is awesome.

Second day of visiting: tao for Comme des Garçons top // JW Anderson x TOPSHOP skirt //  草間 彌生 x LOUIS VUITTON Lockit bag // Céline patent leather loafers

there's something about dressing in labels created by strong people that somehow, in my imagination, lends me the strength to assert myself the way i choose to. strength by osmosis, or something like that. i think there's something inherently human about fashion in particular, because we are so driven to embellish ourselves to portray the best version as we see fit. those aesthetic choices made is what creates that elusive "personal style".  

it is purely superficial, selfish and basic, and yet somehow, that's what i like most about the grey area between fashion and personal style.

thankfully, i share this concept with one of my cousins, who i staunchly believe was my twin in a past life. i count him as one of my best friends and he is the spine of my local support system. this makes chinese new year family reunions not only bearable, but downright enjoyable and memorable. 

he gifted me with this second issue of LOVE magazine on a whim, knowing how much i love Katie Grand. so lovely, right?!

while the festivities are indeed dying down now, they are far from over... so, thankfully, bitter reality can be kept at bay for a little while longer. job-hunting/soul-searching part deugh (deux) can continue after this week is over. 

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