Friday, 22 February 2013

fighting purgatory

i saw Cloud Atlas yesterday. 

it was a stunning, moving film experience that did momentarily steal my breath in the best possible way.

watching parallel lives run their course and threads of fate interweave with one another on film, combined with still-fresh pensive thoughts on life and death after my step-grandmother's passing... the two had me thinking about "existence" in general more intensively than i had done in a long while.

what does being alive (or dead) for that matter really mean, anyway? 

i'm an emotive creature, so to me, i feel most alive when it feels like my soul has taken a gasping breath of life from purgatory-like sleep. the trigger varies, but it feels no less true.

watching in awe, excitement and completely succumbing to the magical suspension of disbelief during my viewing of Cloud Atlas makes me feel alive

and so, my soul still felt elation when i woke up today

but it also felt remnants of the existential thought processes that plagued me before that

Comme des Garçons pour homme blazer // JW Anderson x TOPSHOP t-shirt // Vivienne Westwood ring // Zara trousers // Church's slippers

Memento Mori: "Remember that you will die."

I had the image of this ~charming~ character from Cloud Atlas in my mind when dressing this morning

it's good to be constantly reminded of one's mortality; because we'd waste a lot of life-time otherwise. . . which i think seems to happen more often than not.

i really do hate to say it but... you only live once and all that. so best make it count, right?

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