Wednesday, 6 February 2013

originality is a myth

i think about it more than i should.

there's something that needs to be said about there being too much of something. specifically, i'm talking about fashion blogging and their bloggers. 

a huge amount of bravery and impetuousness goes into putting oneself out into a public forum like the internet, and that, to me, is really something to applaud and welcome. content inspires content, after all. it's an endless circle that's not likely to end any time soon. 

of course, with so much democratization, quality comes into question. but then, the definition of said quality should also be questioned, right? personally, it comes down to how sincere the voice of the blog is. if on some level, i choose to believe his/her words and then be enchanted by the aesthetic, that's a sign of my eager heart happily following soon after.

with this in mind, i hardly claim to be original or unique at all. i'm quite happily a Frankenstein-esque sum of my influences, which i pick and choose with intent. so honestly, i don't really know what i'm doing here, but i'm making it up as i go along. 

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